Three Major Roofing Maintenance Mistakes To Avoid

As a homeowner, of course you want to take all necessary steps to care for your roof. Unfortunately, even homeowners with the best of intentions end up making roof maintenance mistakes that end up costing them down the road. By being aware of a few of the most common mistakes, you can be careful to avoid them yourself and leave your roof services up to a professional.

1. Power Washing Your Roof

Keeping a clean roof that's clear of debris is certainly important, but understand that there's a right and a wrong way to clean your roof. Some homeowners make the mistake of using a power washer on their roof to remove unwanted dirt and debris.

However, power washers can often do more harm than good; that's because the water stream used to wash away debris is very powerful and can strip away the granules on the roofing asphalt, causing damage to the shingles themselves.

To keep your roof clean, remove debris manually by carefully climbing a ladder and using a broom to clear off sticks, leaves, and the like. Or, leave the job up to a roofing professional.

2. Lifting or Removing Shingles

Another common mistake homeowners make is that of attempting roofing repairs themselves, thus lifting or removing shingles in the process. For example, you may discover a leak in your attic and determine the culprit must be a damaged shingle, so you climb to the top of your roof to replace it.

In the process, you end up causing even more damage and the roof leak worsens. To avoid this, it's best to leave your delicate roof shingles alone and leave the work of replacing or lifting them to an expert.

3. Walking Carelessly on Your Roof

Finally, be careful with how much time you spend up on your roof. Not only is walking on your roof dangerous and a potential fall hazard, but just like power washing your roof, your shoes can do damage to the granules of your asphalt shingles.

This is especially true on older roofs, where walking around too much could actually cause shingles to become dislodged, thus resulting in a roof leak. Avoid walking on your roof if at all possible and leave it to the experts, who are well trained when it comes to navigating a roof without causing any damage. By avoiding these mistakes, you'll prolong the life of your home's roof as well.

To learn more, contact a company like US Roofing with any questions or concerns you have.