Good Reasons To Consider A Slate Roof

Slate was once the go-to material for most American homes. In fact, you'll still see a few of those late 19th century and early 20th century slate roofs on older homes. However, slate roofs are far from passe. This type of roof offers a myriad of benefits for modern homeowners.

Benefits of a slate roof

1. A slate roof is beautiful. Slate has a natural beauty that adapts well to most any style of architecture. Because it is mined, not manufactured, each slate tile has a slightly different hue, adding to the overall charm of the roof. Slate tiles mix mauve, black, gray, green and even red hues.

2. Slate is the most durable roofing material available. A slate roof is the last roof you'll ever have to buy...and it may be the last roof your children have to buy, also. A good, well-installed slate roof can last up to 150 years. That compares to around 15 to 20 years for a more common asphalt shingle roof.

3. A slate roof is kind to the environment. Because it lasts seven times longer (or more) than an asphalt shingle roof, opting for a slate roof helps to keep a lot of discarded roofing materials from ending up in landfills. Plus, you'll also reduce the amount of energy needed to produce those products.

4. Slate roofing is fire-resistant. Another benefit of choosing a slate roof is that it's fire-resistant, unlike cedar or asphalt shingle roofs. That's a big plus when it comes to protecting your family and your property in the event of a house fire. Because of this, some homeowners' insurance companies even offer discounts for installing a slate roof.

5. Slate is waterproof and requires little maintenance. Water and melting snow run right off of a slate roof, unlike cedar shake or asphalt roof. In addition, slate isn't subject to fungus and mold. A properly-installed slate roof needs very little maintenance to stay looking sharp.

6. A slate roof will increase your home's resale value. Because prospective homeowners know that they won't ever have to replace a slate roof, they are generally willing to pay more for a home with this type of roof. In addition, the beauty of a slate roof makes your home more enticing to potential buyers.

While a slate roof might not be the right choice for every homeowner, this type of roof lasts a long time, is uniquely beautiful and requires little maintenance to stay looking its best. Talk to experts like Damphousse Roofing LLP for more information.