Reroofing Your Home – Could It Be Your Best Option?

Do you need to have the roofing on your home repaired or replaced? Are you weighing your options and giving reroofing the home consideration? Why would reroofing be the way to go? Here, you will learn why reroofing could be the most beneficial method of repairing your roof.

Cost Savings

One thing that makes many homeowners choose to have the home reroofed rather than hiring a contractor for a tear-off roofing job is the cost difference. Reroofing the home can save a nice chunk of change because you don't have to pay for the contractor's labor fees for removing the old roofing materials, and you don't have to pay for the dumpster rental and disposal of the old materials.

Reduced Damage Risk

When a roofing team has to rip off the old roofing before installing new material, the risk of damaging your property is increased. You have to worry about the dumpster ripping up your lawn, the nails falling from the roof and into the lawn or driveway where they will be picked up by your tractor or vehicle tires, and weather damage if it was to begin raining with the wood sub roofing exposed. All of these are real risks that should be considered when weighing your options.

Expedited Process

Having your home reroofed will expedite the roofing process greatly. It can take a roofing crew a day or two to remove the old roofing materials before the new roofing can be put in place. If this step is skipped, you can get your new roof completed in far less time.

Equal or Improved Protection

If the roofing that the roofer is reroofing over is in fair condition, it could actually offer an additional layer of protection to your home. The additional layer could help to reduce the sound of heavy rains and decrease the amount of heat that is absorbed into the attic space.

One thing to be sure of before you have your home reroofed is if the factory warranty will be honored if the materials are used to reroof rather than be installed after the old roofing has been torn off. Your best option is to talk with your roofing contractor about the materials that are being used and learn if the warranty will be honored. You don't want to spend the money on this big of a job just to have something go wrong and not have the protection you thought you did when you opted to take this course of action.

To learn more about reroofing your home, contact your local roofing contractor. He or she will inspect your roofing and determine if your roofing can be reroofed safely and effectively.