How To Determine If You Should Repair Your Roof Or Replace It

Your roof is likely something that you don't think about regularly, until it begins to give you problems. Replacing your existing roof is a huge home improvement undertaking, and unless you're an experienced contractor, you'll likely have to call in a pro. A complete roof replacement can be costly and very time consuming to have installed, so it's important to determine if you just need to make a minor repair or if you need a new roof. Here are some good indicators that you should consider when making  the final determination.

Age Of The Roof

Most asphalt shingle roofs typically last up to 20 years, notes The Baltimore Sun. But there can be other underlying factors that can weaken or cause your roof to deteriorate before that. Over time, weather and structural issues with your home can cause your roof to develop weak spots. This is where water can easily seep through, leading to damage. If your roof is under five years old and you have a few missing shingles, you may be able to easily replace them without having to replace the entire roof.  If your roof is approaching the 20 year age mark, you'll definitely want to consider replacing it completely, as patching the roof will just be a temporary fix.

Overall Condition

Take a close look at the overall condition of your roof. Here are some red flags that may stand out right away:

  • Several missing shingles
  • Exposed roofing underlayment or structure beams
  • Noticeable dip or valley in the roof
  • Warped areas of shingles or roof edging
  • Rotting wood where the roof meets the soffit or fascia

Any of these factors could indicate that your roof was installed wrong, or there is an underlying problem causing leaks or mold formation inside your home. A professional roofing contractor will be able to determine if the problem is isolated and is only a simple fix or if you need a new roof entirely.


You'll definitely need to consider your budget when it comes time to making repairs to your home's exterior. If you are on a very strict budget, you may have to patch isolated leaks or make minor repairs until you can have a brand new roof installed. Keep in mind that many roofing companies work with area banks and lenders to help make a new roof affordable for you without a lot of money up front. A home improvement loan is another option to help you make the repairs now, so you don't damage your home's structure or foundation any further.

Water Damage

A minor leak can often be caught and repaired before it does widespread damage, but in some cases, you may have extensive water damage and not even know it. If you have an attic with a lot of insulation, the insulation may be absorbing rainwater and creating unwanted moisture inside your home. This may result in mold growth, structural damage and insulation decomposition. In this case, the cost of repairs can be significant because you'll have to replace wood, insulation, drywall and the roof.

Inspecting your attic and roof area twice a year is a good way to catch a minor problem before it requres a major overhaul. For professional advice, contact a local roofing contractor like Gulfside Roofing Inc to thoroughly examine your roof and give you an estimate on any work that needs to be done.