Year-Round Protection Under One Roof: Three Reasons To Buy A Metal Roof

Even though a roof is designed to protect your home for the elements, mother nature can do serious damage to your roof. If you want to protect your home from whatever extreme conditions come your way, you should buy a metal roof for your home. A metal roof will give you a few benefits that you can't get from other roofing materials. 

Impermeable to Insects

Wood makes a durable roofing material, but it is a natural product that is prone to insect damage among other things. Thus termite damage is a real concern for a wood roof. Metal, of course, is insect proof, so you never have to worry about replacing what's left of your roof after the termites move out. 

Snow Protection

In areas that receive a lot of snow, the fluffy white stuff can build up in such depth that the shear weight of the snow crystals can collapse your roof. Climbing up on your roof to shovel snow away is dangerous, so why not look for a material that will prevent snow from building up in the first place? Snow has a low-friction surface that will make snow slough off before it has a chance to build up enough to cause problems for your home. 

Wind Resistance

Wind can catch the loose bottom flap of shingles and rip them off of your roof. Thus, if a windstorm rolls through town, you might be picking your roof up out of your yard. A metal roof comes in panels that extend from the ridge to the eaves and is screwed down to your roof deck with decking screws. Thus, metal can withstand high winds without incident. 

Fire Coverage

A stray spark from a forest fire is enough to ignite a wood or asphalt roof, so if you live in an area that is prone to forest fires, you want to choose your roof carefully. Metal is inflammable, so it will give you the protection you need. 

Energy Efficiency

Metal roofs reflect heat away from your home, and can thus help to reduce your cooling costs by up to 15%, so if you live in an area that gets hot in the summer, a metal roof can help to keep your AC bills down. Contact a local outlet, such as, for further assistance.

As you can see, metal roofs are a good choice no matter if you have to deal with a plague of insects or the worst that the elements can throw at you.