Three Roofing Maintenance Tasks To Complete This Fall

Fall is a time when most people are focused on raking leaves and preparing their yards for the coming winter. However, there's another area you should focus on when it comes to maintenance: your roof. Completing a few basic maintenance tasks now could save you from leaks and more substantial roofing damage come winter.

Here's a look at the three basic roof maintenance tasks all homeowners should complete each fall:

Re-attaching loose shingles.

Shingles that are loose now will probably be completely missing by spring if you don't do anything about them. The freezing and thawing of water on your roof in winter has a nice habit of prying off loose shingles.

Take a quick look over your roof, and if you see any loose shingles, try placing a dab of roofing cement under the corner of each shingle, and pressing down on it for a minute or two to give the cement some time to set. If the shingles are ripped or badly damaged, you'll have to replace them rather than reattaching them. Contact a roofing company if you're not familiar with the process of replacing shingles.

Patching holes in gutters.

If you have a small hole in a gutter, it could expose your roof to all sorts of moisture throughout the winter as it leaks. Take the time now to patch the hole in your gutter. All you need is a patch made from the same material as your gutters (aluminum or steel), some patching cement, and a putty knife. When the gutter is dry, spread a little cement over the hole on the inside of the gutter. Press on a patch, hold it in place for a minute, step back, and admire your work.

Sweeping leaves off the roof.

This is a task you may need to repeat several times throughout the fall. If leaves are left on your roof over the winter, they may absorb water as the snow melts, basically creating a moist patch on your roof. Exposing a portion of your roof to moisture for an extended period of time in this manner contributes to the growth of mold and the premature breakdown of shingles.

Removing leaves from the roof is not hard. Just use a long-handled snow rake to pull them down, or climb up a ladder (with someone there to hold it, of course), and remove them with a regular rake or leaf blower.

By following each of these tips every fall, you'll reduce your risk of winter roofing issues and prolong the life if your roof. Keep in mind that you may not actually have to address each of these issues; for instance, you may not have any holes in your gutters or any loose shingles. However, you should still take the time to look for these problems and take care of them if they do exist.

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