Can You Install A New Roof In The Winter?

Most homeowners, landlords, and business owners will opt for having a new roof installed during the spring and summer months. Does this, however, mean installing a roof during the winter months is an impossibility?

Not Impossible, But Not Ideal

Installing new roofing during the winter months is not ideal and can be a very complicated process. Fortunately, it is not impossible either. Unless you are in a situation where you have no choice but to immediately replace your roof for reasons such as the roof has caved in or sprung a huge leak, a roofing company can install a new roof.

Why Roofing in the Winter is Not Ideal

Roofing during the winter months are not ideal because almost every type of roofing material requires some form of adhesive to be installed properly. Almost all adhesives require a heat source in order to cure and fasten properly. When the adhesive is not properly fastened and cured, the roof will fail. During the warmer months, the adhesive receives an adequate amount of heat to fasten and cure as it needs to.

Metal Roofing is the Best Option

If your budget allows, metal roofing is the best choice during the winter months. It is very easy to install and you do not have to worry about the winter temperatures compromising the quality of the material. Metal roofing sheds both water and ice which prevents ice from building up on the roof. If you live somewhere that experiences long winters or lots of rain, installing a metal roof will be extremely beneficial.

How a Professional Can Make Asphalt Shingles Work  

The roofing industry does not have specific guidelines regarding temperatures or seasons for roof installations. However, manufacturers of various roofing materials do make recommendations and may not honor a warranty if the material is installed during the winter. Fortunately, an experienced year-round roofing company can install a new roof in the winter months if needed. For example, while it is true that asphalt shingles become brittle in the winter and are not ideal for installation in the winter, the roofing company can keep the shingles stored in a warm place until right before installation to eliminate problems.

If you are not in a situation where your home or place of business is in an immediate need for a new roof, it is better for you to wait until the weather warms up. However, it is possible to install a new roof during the winter months if you do not have the pleasure of waiting for the weather to warm up outside.

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