Three Reasons Why You Should Hire Siding Contractors To Replace Your Old Wooden Siding

If you are spending another year staring wooden siding maintenance in the face, it may be time to replace it with modern siding. Siding contractors can offer you several different options for siding that still looks like wood, but does not require the level of maintenance that wooden siding does. Here are some more reasons why you should hire siding contractors (such as those from Select Exteriors) to replace your old wooden siding this year.  

The Upcoming Winter Is Going to Be Brutal

The Farmer's Almanac, a publication which predicts weather fairly accurately for farmers and their planting plans for the coming year, currently says that the winter weather in 2016 is going to be quite unpleasant in most areas. When it is frigid and icy, wooden siding becomes very worn and cracked, creating pathways for water and water damage in the spring. If you happen to live where there is rarely any snow or ice, you still have to contend with a lot of precipitation, which causes untreated and unmaintained wooden siding to warp and splinter. Based on these winter weather predictions alone, and the amount of work you would have to do to get your current siding winter weather-ready, you may want to just replace it instead.

Termites Are Ravenous This Year

Recent reports of termite infestations have shown that these pests are going after whatever wooden homes and siding they can get to. Never mind your preparations for winter if you have a problem with termites--these little buggers will eat right through your wood treatments and preventive coatings if you do not hire a pest control specialist to manage them. That is more expense to get termites to stay away, and you need to ask yourself if your wooden siding is really worth all of that. If you are not trying to maintain a historic home, it may be time for new siding just so you can avoid a termite infestation. (There are only certain areas in the U.S. where you may be able to ignore these pests, but it is not recommended.)

You Want/Need a Low Maintenance Home

While you could sell your home and move into another house or apartment, most people would rather stay in the homes they have worked so hard to make their own. However, as you get older, it may be more and more difficult to manage many home maintenance tasks. You just want a low maintenance home without moving, and you can get that by getting rid of your wooden siding and trading it in for more insulation and less termite-munching wood.