Metal Roofing For Mountain Climates

Your choice of roofing should not be solely based on cost or the look you are trying to create for your home. Instead, you should consider the weather conditions present in your area and choose a roofing material that will help your home to cope with those conditions. For example, if you live in a forested, mountainous area, you need a roofing material that can stand up to forest fires and snow build-up. Metal will hold up to anything that mother nature can throw at you.


Cladding your roof with wooden or asphalt shingles leaves your home susceptible to fire. As summer heat bakes any residual moisture out of your roof, it creates a tinderbox that is ready to go up with nothing more than a stray spark from a chimney or a forest fire. On the other hand, metal will not ignite, so covering your home with a metal roof will reduce the ignition risk. 

Weather Tolerance

Mountains are prone to all sorts of extreme weather, which can pose a risk to a home. For example, wind can rip asphalt or wooden shingles off your home and hail can punch holes in asphalt and crack wood. Metal, on the other hand, is screwed rather than nailed to a roof. Furthermore, a metal roofing panel will typically extend from ridge line to eave. Not only will the screws help to hold your metal roofing down, but the fact that there is only one roofing panel instead of a lot of free-flapping shingles will reduce the risk that wind will rip it off your roof. Moreover, hail will not puncture or crack metal, so it will protect your home no matter what the weather does.


While snow is a weather event, it deserves its own category. Snow can build up on a shingle roof and as more and more snow builds up, it can pose a risk of roof collapse. Metal, in contrast, has a low-friction surface that will allow snow to slough off your roof long before you have to worry about your roof collapsing. 

As you can see, metal is uniquely able to protect your roof from mother nature's quiver of natural disasters. In order to reduce your repair and maintenance costs, you need to choose a durable roofing material. Especially, if you live in the mountains where extreme weather is more likely, covering your roof with metal panels can help to give you peace of mind.  

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