Replacing a Roof on a Budget? Consider These Three Affordable Roofing Materials Made with Metal

If your roof needs replacement, it is not exactly something you can keep putting off. Ignoring a damaged roof can end up costing you more money in the end when you consider the amount of damage a damaged roof can cause to your home. If you are looking to get away from traditional asphalt shingles, know that metal is a viable material that is long lasting and can cost less money in the long run. These are three materials that are affordable and made with metal.

Corrugated Steel

It's very common to see roofing material on a home made with corrugated steel. This is because the material can be incredibly durable, lasting for 25–60 years. The material's ability to withstand damage from wind and storms makes this material an excellent choice for any home.

The material does need a protective roof coating on it to help prevent it from rusting. Maintaining this roof coating will be the primary maintenance you'll have to do over the years.

Textured Metal

Metal does not need to have a flat look to it if you use it on a home. Know that there are options for textured roofing tiles. These metal tiles are designed to have the appearance of a textured tile, which can have a much more aesthetically pleasing look than other materials.

It's common for textured roofing materials to have a powder coating applied to them to protect the material. The coating itself is also made in many different colors, and this gives you the option to add color to your roof. If you do not want color, then you can have a metal finish applied with the powder coating.

Most homeowners go with this style when they want metal roofing but don't want the roof to obviously look like it's made of metal.

Sheet Metal

A roof constructed with sheet metal uses standing seams to join pieces of metal together. The metal material also utilizes powder coatings for both color and protection from the weather. Sheet metal is best in areas that have many storms, since it protects the roof from wind and hail damage.

These are only three options for an affordable metal roof. For more information, work with the contractor in your area that you think is the best roofing company. They can come out to your home and give you an estimate for a roof or give you information on other metal roofing options that fit within your budget.