3 Patio Enclosures That Can Give Your Home More Space And Functionality

If you want to have a backyard area with more functionality, you may want to consider a porch enclosure for your home. There are different styles and designs that can meet different needs and budgets. You may want a partial enclosure for a pool or an outdoor expansion of your living space. Here are some porch enclosures to consider for the different needs of your home:

Bringing Greenspace Into Your Home With A Solarium Solution

If you want to have more greenspace in your home, you may want to have something a little different than a conventional porch enclosure. You may want to have something like a greenhouse and be able to enjoy the sun or have indoor plants. For this, you will want to have a solarium, which is a mostly glass and metal structure added to your home. A solarium can give you the sunlight you want and benefits like passive heating for your home during the winter months. It can even include an indoor patio and combined garden area.

Retractable Enclosure Solutions To Give Your Pool The Perfect Cover

Retractable enclosures can also provide a variety of solutions for your outdoor needs. You may want to consider them to give you an outdoor space that can also be enclosed in bad weather. They can also be a good solution for a pool cover, which will not only help keep your pool clean and reduce maintenance, but they can also help to extend your swimming into the cooler months. There are various designs to choose from, which can be a system that folds up completely, or it can be a retractable enclosure with some type of fixed roof.

Expanding The Space Of Your Home With An All Season Patio Enclosure

You may want something more with your patio enclosure, which can add space to your home. This can be done with something like an all seasons room. The all seasons room is an addition that is connected to your home and can have features like cooling for the hot summer months. It can also be built in a way that conforms to the existing design of your home. This integration of design will make your new enclosure look less like an addition to your home.

These are some different porch enclosure ideas that you may want to consider for the different needs of your home. If you are ready to expand your home into the great outdoors, contact a metal roofing contractor from a company like BCI Metal Roofing and talk with them about some of these ideas for your patio with metalwork.