3 Things to Think About When Hiring a Company to Repair Your Store's Roof

Now that it's time to get your store's roof repaired, you'll need to find a reliable service provider to work with. Here are three important things to think about when hiring a company to repair your roof.

The Initial Inspection

One of the most important things to consider when choosing a service provider to repair your store's roof is the initial inspection process. Will the prospective companies you speak with perform an in-depth inspection prior to starting their work so they can identify additional issues that may need to be addressed before repairs begin? Is there an additional charge for this service? How long will the inspection process take?

You will find that some companies offer inspections for free while some charge an extra fee for the service and yet others won't provide an initial inspection at all. Look for a service provider that will completely inspect your roof before they begin their work so small problems you didn't know existed can be caught and fixed with the rest of the repairs.

Labor Guarantees

Another thing to think about when comparing commercial-roof repair companies to one another is labor guarantees. What happens if a repair that is made has to be redone due to neglect during the initial repair? Will you be responsible for paying to fix the problem, or will the company take care of it for free? Make sure that you get a list of labor guarantees in writing from each prospective company you consider working with so you can compare the information and determine which company is most likely to provide you with the protection you need when all is said and done.

Follow-Up Maintenance

Once the repairs are made, will the company you hire follow up to inspect their work to ensure that the job was done correctly? What about maintenance—will the company you hire provide you with ongoing maintenance to ensure that the repairs hold up well? Find a company to work with that not only does installations and repairs but also offers follow-up and long-term maintenance service so you don't have to hire a third party later down the line. You should expect to pay an extra fee for these services, so ask for a list of fee schedules from each potential company you consult with so you know exactly what to expect from each one of them.

Taking time to consider these aspects before hiring a company such as Kerrigan Roofing & Restoration to repair your store's roof will help ensure that you choose a provider that meets your specific needs and unique preferences overall.