Commercial Roofing Solutions To Reduce Heat Gain Problems In Older Cold Storage Facilities

If your business involves cold storage, it is important to reduce heat gain. In older buildings, less efficient building materials and older cooling systems reduce energy efficiency, so problems like heat gain are a major expense for these businesses. The roofing is a good place to start to reduce heat gain in cold storage facilities. Here are some of the things that you will want to do to reduce heat gain in your cold storage facility:

1. Foam Coatings to Insulate Roofing Structures and Surfaces

The roof structure may be where your business loses a lot of the cold air. This may be due to materials like steel decking and the lack of insulation. Today, foam coatings can be applied to any surface to make them more energy efficient. Start your roofing improvements by having a foam coating applied to the roofing structure. The foam coating will improve the insulation of your building and reduce heat gain problems. You may also want to have the foam coatings added to other areas of the building that cause energy loss, such as exterior walls and penetrations from mechanical systems.

2. Rigid Insulated Sheathing for An Energy Efficient Underlayment

Beneath most types of roofing materials, there is a sheathing that makes up the decking. This may be plywood or a type of rigid sheathing product. When you are having your roof replaced, have the commercial roofing contractor install modern insulated rigid-sheathing. This sheathing will make the surface of your roof more durable as well as help improve the energy efficiency of the building. The insulating sheathing can be added to your roof in layers to maximize energy efficiency. On the sheathing, foam coatings or roofing membrane can be applied to finish your roof.

3. Cool Roofing with Coatings and Roof Membranes That Reflect UV Radiation

Cool roofs are special types of roofs that are a lighter color, which helps to reflect heat from the sun. When you are replacing the roof of your business, a cool roofing membrane will be used to reflect UV radiation and keep your business cold. In some cases, you may not need a roof replacement, which is when you will want to have a roof coating applied to the roof to reflect heat as well as add years of life to the roof of your business.

With the help of efficient roofing, your business will keep the cold air in and use less energy for cold storage. Contact a commercial roofing contractor when you get ready for a new roof for your business. For more information, contact a professional in your area or visit a website like