Signs You Need Your Home's Chimney Liner Replaced

Does your home have a fireplace that you use regularly? If so, you'll want to make sure that the liner is in good condition. The potential dangers of a bad liner include the chimney catching on fire. Here is what you need to know in order to identify a chimney liner that needs replacement.

Mortar That's Decaying

A chimney will have joints that use mortar to hold it all together. Over the years, the mortar within the joints will crumble and crack. It's more likely to happen inside your chimney where all of the mortar has exposure to the extreme heat of a fire. Fixing mortar on the inside of the chimney is impossible to do, so your best bet is to replace the liner that is causing that mortar to become damaged in the first place.

Decaying mortar is also noticeable through white discoloration on the outside of the chimney. This is known as efflorescence, and a clear sign that moisture is getting through the liner and damaging the brick. One the damage to the liner is repaired, you may want to consider tuck pointing to remove the crumbling mortar and replace it with new material.

Masonry That's Broken

All the he corrosive elements from smoke are not good for a chimney. It is possible that you'll have bricks deteriorating, which cause them to fall off the chimney. While it's a problem that can happen due to the masonry being old, it is most likely due to a bad chimney liner, especially if the only place it is happening is the chimney.

Corrosion That's Noticeable

Metal chimney liners can have sections that are noticeably corroded, which happens due to the acidic creosote and soot buildup on the liner. While you cannot see this damage yourself, it will be found when having the chimney cleaned. Part of the process is using a camera to see what is going on inside the chimney, and verify any damage that they think may be in there. Corrosion is one problem that can't be fixed. The only option is to replace your entire chimney liner with a new one to ensure that everything is safe with new material.

Another problem that can be discovered during a chimney cleaning is a cracked liner. If found, it also requires that the entire liner is replaced with new material so that liner remains sealed.

A chimney cleaner can give you more tips on what to look for when you suspect the chimney liner is broken.