Pine Needles – Get Them Off The Shingles Before They Cause Damage

The big pine trees that shade your home from the sun could also be causing damage to your roof. Although the shade does help to keep your home cool during the summer, the pine needles that the trees are dropping on the roof could be taking years of life from the shingles. Here, you'll learn a little about the damage that pine needles can cause and what to do to prevent the damage from occurring.

Damage Caused by Pine Needles

Any kind of organic material on the roof will eventually lead to damage. The dirt, leaves, limbs and pine needles will break down the shingles and quickly cause the wood sub-roofing to rot. If you were to allow the debris to remain on your roof for months or years, the moisture from the rain, dew, and condensation will cause the debris to stay wet, and the roofing materials will begin to absorb that moisture, leading to the rot.

Pine needles can also contribute to moss and algae growth on the roof. The second moss finds organic material to root in, it will quickly begin taking over the roof entirely. If you don't put a stop to it, the roots of the algae and moss will eventually penetrate the shingles and cause them to need to be replaced.

Remove Pine Needles from the Roof

You don't want to be up on the roof cleaning the pine needles off every other week. In fact, the more you walk on your roof, the fewer years it will last.

If you don't walk on the roof properly, you will pull the gritty material off of the shingle and make it less effective in protecting your home. Proper footing will help to reduce the damage. Walk with sure steps–do not drag your feet. Never twist, shuffle, or turn without lifting your foot off of the surface.

To remove the needles, a leaf blower can do very well. Just climb up onto the roof with your leaf blower and begin at the top and work your way to the bottom. Never use the leaf blower in an upwards direction on the shingles or the wind could pull the shingles loose or tear them.

If you don't have a leaf blower, a roofing rake will do well. It will require a little more work, but you will effectively and safely remove the pine needles before they can do any damage.

Talk with your local roofing experts like those with Landmark Roofing to learn more about protecting the roof of your home from becoming damaged by the trees surrounding the home.