The 6 Tenets Of Gutter Cleaning

Keeping your gutters clean isn't just for aesthetic purposes. Clogged gutters can result in rainwater finding its way into your walls and basement. This is very bad for the structure of your house. However, when doing gutter cleaning, it's important to do the job correctly and safely. This will ensure that you do a great job without putting yourself at risk.

Use a Good Ladder

If you have to scale any height, ensure that you use a ladder, and the ladder should also be in good condition. Even if you're cleaning gutters for a single-story building, a simple fall can result in death or permanent injury. Standing on the roof and leaning forward to clean out your gutters is not a good idea.

Use Your Ladder Correctly

It's one thing to use a good ladder and it's another thing to use your ladder correctly. For starters, your ladder should always be on sturdy ground. If the ground on which your ladder rests is uneven, it can become unbalanced when you shift your weight. If the ground is slippery, the ladder can slip out from under you. As an added precaution, always have someone holding the ladder on the ground.

Use Thick Gloves

The debris in your gutter can be anything from animal waste and dirt to sharp twigs and branches. Most of these are things you won't want to touch with unprotected hands. Use leather or suede gloves when removing this type of dirt. An even better idea is to use a plastic gutter scoop.

Protect Your Eyes

You should have protective eyewear when cleaning out your gutter. The dirt you're cleaning out can fly off and end up in your eye. Not only can this cause serious damage but your reaction to this can cause you to fall off the ladder.

Do the Cleaning Often

Don't wait until rainwater can no longer move through your gutters before you clean them. Have a schedule for cleaning out your gutters so you never have to worry about them being blocked at the wrong time.

Use the Opportunity to Inspect and Make Repairs

As you clean your gutters, use that opportunity to also check for signs of damage and make any necessary repairs. Check for sagging sections, rusty fasteners, misaligned joints etc. If necessary, you can bring in a professional gutter service to replace sections of your gutter that are heavily damaged.