3 Key Areas Of Your Roof You Might Not Know To Keep An Eye On

When it comes to roof maintenance, you probably imagine a contractor from the local roofing company inspecting every shingle and replacing anything that looks like a problem. While shingles are obviously something that should be watched closely, there are multiple other spots on or near your roof that you should also be keeping an eye on. Here are three key areas to keep tabs on every time you check your roof.


Your roof has at least one location on it where it has been left vulnerable. For most homeowners, that area will be the chimney. When your chimney was added, flashing was installed around it to close the opening made by the penetration. That said, most homeowners also have numerous other structures installed on their roof. If you have skylights or a satellite dish, you likely have flashing installed around these areas as well. If the flashing fails, it's likely you are going to develop a leak almost immediately, so it's very important to be aware of what's going on around these spots.


Your roof likely has vents installed along its base, which serve as a method for warm air to escape and for cold air to get sucked in. The warm air from your attic will naturally rise and then escape through these vents. But if your vents are not working properly, the warm air could get trapped and that could lead to all kinds of problems. Too much heat under your roof can lead to damage from moisture and cause wear and tear to everything from your shingles to your insulation. 


A lot of home owners forget about their gutters when doing roof maintenance simply because it's not technically part of the roof. But letting your gutter go without maintenance is just asking for trouble. If you let your gutters become clogged, you could end up with water dripping down in one spot instead of draining properly, and that could cause issues for your house's foundation.  In the winter time, a clog could cause water to freeze inside the gutter and that could damage either the gutter itself or nearby roof shingles as the ice expands.

For best results when it comes to your roof, hire a professional contractor for an annual inspection. A roofing contractor will be able to inspect every part of your roof including all shingles, flashing and vents. Contact a local roofing company like National Roofing Of Collier Inc today for more information.