7 Elements Every Roofing Proposal Should Have

Before you have a roof installed, you are going to want to get roof quotes or proposals from multiple different sources. These quotes will let you know not only what it will cost to install a roof, but should give you all the details of the job.

Materials Used

Not all materials are created equally. The quote should get into the details of the roofing material. The quote should specifically state what type of roofing material will be used, including the color, finish, and brand of material that will be used. All these elements affect the price point of the material, and the material warranty, so all that information should be shared with you.

You should be able to go down to your local home building store and find the products that will be used to build your roof. Knowing all the product details will allow you to make sure that the products you want are being used on your roof.


Next, the proposal should include a schedule for installing the roof. This may be a rough schedule that is dependent on the weather and when you sign the contract. However, the schedule should let you know how long the entire installation process will work.

Waste Removal

When a roof is installed, a lot of waste is often created. Your old roof must be torn off, and all that new roofing material includes packaging has to go somewhere. You don't want to be left with a mess when the job is done, so find out if they are going to rent a dumpster or haul the waste away in their own trucks.


The products used on your roof should come with their own warranty. The roofing company that installs the roof should also back up their labor with a warranty. The warranty for labor is generally not as long as the warranty on the products, but it should last for at least a few years.

Payment Process

Next, the payment terms should be spelled out. It is normal to ask for the customer to pay the material costs or put down a deposit before the job starts. However, you should never be asked to pay for the entire job or the majority of the job upfront.


Your roof quote should explain any potential liabilities that the roofing company sees when it comes to replacing your roof. They should also provide you with a copy of their liability and workers compensation costs.


Finally, the quote should break down all the costs of replacing your roof. You should be able to clearly see what the materials will cost you, what waste removal will cost you, what labor will cost you, and what your taxes will be if applicable. Any additional costs, such as the cost for installing flashing or putting in new gutters, should be included as well. You should know the full cost of the job from the proposal.

All roofing proposals should include the seven elements discussed above. If you get a roofing proposal that doesn't include all the elements above, ask for a more detailed proposal. Don't work with a contractor who is not willing to provide you with all of the details you request.