Roof Replacement: Preparation Tips

Roofs like everything else, do not last forever. So, at some point, virtually all homeowners will need to have their roof replaced. One of the keys to a successful roof replacement is good preparation. It's always important in this type of major renovation project to make adequate preparations to ensure that everything is done as smoothly and as safely as possible. Here is a list of some crucial preparation tips for homeowners getting a new roof installed.


Naturally, the most vital task in a project of this kind is to make certain that you and your family are safe during the process. If you have children, sit them down and explain to them that they need to be extra careful while the work is going on and that they should not be outside near the house while the roofers are present. 

It's best that the children, particularly young children remain inside when they are home. Keep your pets inside as well, as you do not want them to be injured by any falling debris. If possible, you may want to make arrangements to stay with friends or relatives until the work is finished.


Parking your vehicles in the driveway or near the house itself can interfere with the construction process. Roofers need to park their vehicles close to the house so that they can quickly grab any tools or materials that they need. Plan on keeping your autos in your garage or, if this is not possible, park them on the street or at a location on your property well away from the house.


If you have any belongings stored away in your attic, either move them to another location or cover them with plastic sheeting before any work begins. With roofers hammering and nailing on your roof during the replacement process, it's inevitable that some dust and debris will fall into your attic, so don't overlook this important preparatory step.

On Roof

Do you have any equipment on your roof that will interfere with the installation of your replacement roof, such as antennas or a satellite dish? If you do, then have these removed before the work starts. 

It's clear that proper preparation can help make installing a new roof on your home a successful endeavor. Follow the tips listed above and work closely with your roofing contractor. For more information about this topic, talk with an experienced roofer in your city or town.