What You Can Expect When You Ignore A Roof Leak

If you think you can ignore a leak in your roof, you are sadly mistaken. When you ignore a leak, all sorts of things happen, none of which are pleasant. At the first sign of a leak, you must take steps to resolve the problem. If you have a leak in your roof that you have failed to address, learn what's ahead on your path. Roof Replacement One of the worst scenarios you face after ignoring a leaky roof is a total roof failure.

Pine Needles – Get Them Off The Shingles Before They Cause Damage

The big pine trees that shade your home from the sun could also be causing damage to your roof. Although the shade does help to keep your home cool during the summer, the pine needles that the trees are dropping on the roof could be taking years of life from the shingles. Here, you'll learn a little about the damage that pine needles can cause and what to do to prevent the damage from occurring.

Can Replacing An Aged Roof Boost Resale Value?

Anyone planning on selling his/her home wants the maximum price for the property. Financially savvy homeowners may renovate their property with the intention to drive up the value. Installing a new kitchen or bathroom could increase property value. What about installing a new roof though? Few think about replacing a roof, but doing so might be a good idea when selling a home with an aged top. The Expiration Date Soon Approaches

5 Benefits Of Asphalt Shingle Roofs

There are many roofing materials from which to choose, such as wood, metal, and slate, but asphalt shingles are still one of the most popular for their many benefits. If you need to replace your existing roof, consider asphalts shingles. To help you decide if they are the right choice for your home, check out these five benefits. They Are Incredibly Affordable One of the biggest reasons people gravitate toward asphalt shingles is the price.

Signs You Need Your Home's Chimney Liner Replaced

Does your home have a fireplace that you use regularly? If so, you'll want to make sure that the liner is in good condition. The potential dangers of a bad liner include the chimney catching on fire. Here is what you need to know in order to identify a chimney liner that needs replacement. Mortar That's Decaying A chimney will have joints that use mortar to hold it all together. Over the years, the mortar within the joints will crumble and crack.