Advantages And Disadvantages Of TPO Roofing

TPO (thermoplastic olefin) is an alternative type of roofing material that is made out of layers of plastics and rubbers to seal your roof from the weather, forming a roofing membrane on your home. However, because of its unique material qualities and method of construction, TPO roofing provides a distinctive set of advantages and disadvantages to your home. Understanding what TPO roofs can offer can make it easier for you to choose whether or not to have a TPO roof installed on your home.

Replacing a Roof on a Budget? Consider These Three Affordable Roofing Materials Made with Metal

If your roof needs replacement, it is not exactly something you can keep putting off. Ignoring a damaged roof can end up costing you more money in the end when you consider the amount of damage a damaged roof can cause to your home. If you are looking to get away from traditional asphalt shingles, know that metal is a viable material that is long lasting and can cost less money in the long run.

3 Best Roofing Materials For A New England Colonial Home

New England Colonial homes have a geometric shape, minimal ornamentation, and a saltbox style roof that starts off shorter and flatter in front then lengthens for a steeper backside. The homes were among the first distinct styles built by British settlers in America and preservation, and revival styles, have kept New England Colonials alive today. Do you own a New England Colonial home that needs a new roof? There are a few key roofing materials that work well for both the home style and the roof style.

Metal Roofing For Mountain Climates

Your choice of roofing should not be solely based on cost or the look you are trying to create for your home. Instead, you should consider the weather conditions present in your area and choose a roofing material that will help your home to cope with those conditions. For example, if you live in a forested, mountainous area, you need a roofing material that can stand up to forest fires and snow build-up.

Two Considerations for Choosing a New Roofing Material for a Gothic Revival Home

Gothic Revival homes are ornate yet romantic structures that have at least one pointed Gothic-style window and a great deal of decorative woodwork. The roof is usually a steep gable or a cross-gable, if the home is larger and has wings. The ornamentation on the house is so distinct that choosing the right roofing material can make or break the visual look of the home. But there are also a few practical considerations to keep in mind when selecting a new roofing material for this type of roof.