3 Patio Enclosures That Can Give Your Home More Space And Functionality

If you want to have a backyard area with more functionality, you may want to consider a porch enclosure for your home. There are different styles and designs that can meet different needs and budgets. You may want a partial enclosure for a pool or an outdoor expansion of your living space. Here are some porch enclosures to consider for the different needs of your home: Bringing Greenspace Into Your Home With A Solarium Solution

Planning to Install Gutters? 3 Tips to Avoid Problems in the Long Run

A home without gutters is at higher risk of developing foundation issues. But, some homeowners go without this particular feature because they believe they can keep things under control. If you now own such a home, you may be interested in minimizing the chances of something major going wrong. So, you should make plans to install gutters around the home, and this is ideal when you prepare for the long run.

Dealing With Three Common Skylight Problems

Skylights have numerous benefits; they increase natural light, reduce energy consumption, and are visually appealing. However, skylights have some potential problems that you should prepare for if you are planning on installing one. Here are three examples of such potential problems, and how to deal with them: Effect of Glare on Furniture  Skylights may be useful for letting in natural light through the roof, but sometimes they let in too much light and cause glare.

3 Thermal Roofing Solutions To Reduce Heat Loss And Gain For Better Energy Management

Eventually, you will need to replace your roof and you may be considering improvements for this major maintenance project on your home. Today, there are many different options to improve the energy performance of your roof, with things like light cool roofing, insulated sheeting and other thermal improvements. Here are some of the best thermal improvements that you may want to consider doing with your roof replacement project: 1. Choosing A Light Cool Roofing Material That Reflects Heat

Winter-Ready Roof: Take A Look At These Surrounding Situations

It may be hot now, but soon it will be winter, and your roof needs to be prepared. If you live in an area where snow and ice are regular visitors, you know you need to ensure you have a roof rake at the ready, along with getting the roof inspected. But it's not just the roof itself that you have to pay attention to. The roof's surroundings also need attention because they work with the roof to protect you and your home during the winter.