Identifying Hail Damage On A Roof With Asphalt Shingles

Hail damage is easy to spot on cars or patio furniture, but it's not as simple to tell whether or not your asphalt roof has hail damage. However, it's important to determine whether your roof was damaged after a hailstorm so that you can have any roofing repairs needed completed before they become major problems, especially if you want your your insurance company to pay for the damage. Hail Size Matters

How Long Do Asphalt Shingles Last?

Your roof's asphalt shingles provide valuable protection for your roof's sheathing as well as the attic underneath. Taking care of your home's shingles is a critical part of maintaining a strong, leak-free roof. Knowing how long your roof's shingles are expected to last can help you prepare for shingle replacement.  How Long do Asphalt Roof Shingles Last? In the right climate and with proper care, standard asphalt shingles can last for 30 years.

Three Roofing Maintenance Tasks To Complete This Fall

Fall is a time when most people are focused on raking leaves and preparing their yards for the coming winter. However, there's another area you should focus on when it comes to maintenance: your roof. Completing a few basic maintenance tasks now could save you from leaks and more substantial roofing damage come winter. Here's a look at the three basic roof maintenance tasks all homeowners should complete each fall:

Cedar Roofing Vs. Galvanized Steel Roofing In Log-Cabin Style Homes

When you are choosing material for a log-cabin home, you need to keep in mind the look you are trying to create, but you also need to think about how a material will function. Cedar roofing can help to create a rustic feel, and metal roofing can also be used with a log cabin. There are several issue to take into consideration when choosing being cedar and metal roofing.  Take into consideration the longevity, weather resistance, and energy efficiency of each of these roofing materials.

Exposing A Couple Of Myths About Roof Damage

Issues with your home's roof can be extremely stressful problems to have to address because they can be extremely expensive and disruptive to have repaired. Unfortunately, there is no way to avoid this type of work without causing major structural damage to your house. For those that have only recently become homeowners, these issues can be particularly confusing, which may lead them to believe the following couple of myths about roof damage.